The Board

The Sixth, Spring 2009

TOUR / HOME. Paintings while on the road with The Weakerthans.

  • Toronto

    A view from the Gardiner Expressway.
    Acrylic on plywood.
    17.5 in. X 13.5 in. Sold

  • My View

    My View
    My view on stage with The Weakerthans. This was used as the cover for “Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre” album.
    Acrylic on plywood.

  • Assiniboine. Winnipeg.

    Assiniboine. Winnipeg.
    Standing on the bridge on my way in to Osbourne Village. Acrylic on plywood. 17.5 X 13.5. Sold.

  • Campfire. Cameras. British Columbia.

    Campfire. Cameras. British Columbia.
    On the big Island. After making beauties. Acrylic on plywood. 17 in. X 18 in. Sold

  • The Burton Cummings Theatre.

    The Burton Cummings Theatre.
    Where we made the Weakerthans' live album. Winnipeg. Acrylic on plywood. Sold.

  • Cam's Guitar.

    Cam's Guitar.
    My friend Cam Loeppky's guitar.
    Acrylic on plywood. 15 in. X 17 in.

  • John and Jason.

    John and Jason.
    On stage. Bass and Treble. Acrylic on plywood. 15 in. X 13 in.

  • Edmonton.

    University gig. Acrylic on canvas. 24 in. X 26 in. Sold.

  • Stage And Crowd.

    Stage And Crowd.
    Winnipeg gig at The Burton Cummings Theatre (Walker Theatre). Acrylic on plywood. 19 in. X 18 in.

  • The Board.

    The Board.
    The electrical sound board. Acrylic on plywood. 17.5 in. X 13.5 in. Sold

  • The Road.

    The Road.
    View from the passenger side. Going to do more gigs. Acrylic on plywood. Sold.

  • Yukon River.

    Yukon River.
    Whitehorse. Acrylic on plywood. Sold.

  • Free Smokes.

    Free Smokes.
    Craik, Saskatchewan. Acrylic on plywood. Sold.

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